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Hydrated LIME
lower-cost than LIMESTONE

for Flue Gas DeSULFURization
at COAL-Fired Power Plants

Lime Way to FGD DALSICA-Lime-Al-Si-Granule

DALSICA LIME+ Product Supplied
to typical (Semi-)Dry FGD or to Wet FGD
Note: No Milling Required to Use in FGD

PROBLEM of World COAL Power Industry:

The U.S. (for instance) Coal Power Industry has made tens of billions investments (CapEx) in FGD systems (mainly Wet) to control millions of tons of Sulfur Dioxide SO2 at about 200 GWe of installed capacity.
However 112 GWe Coal-fired Power Plants remain unscrubbed and are required to scrub in a short time - scrub or retire.

Coal Power Plants have a hard choice:

either high-CapEx WetFGD and 'cheap' Limestone

or medium-CapEx semi-DryFGD (CDS) and expensive commercial Lime

or low-CapEx DSI and more expensive commercial Lime or Trona.

Any of these conventional solutions is hard to finance by Coal Power Plants.
US EPA has predicted the prompt need for tens of GWe of Dry scrubber installations.
It will result in annual buying of millions tons of costly dry sorbent.

Coal-Fired Power Plants in ALL Coal-Firing Countries face the Same Problems.


proven, patented (USA, China, EU), commercialized:

High-efficient sub-micron Lime-based ready-to-use reagent from small-size non-ground Limestone (source of active CaO) and Fly-Ash (source of heat energy for the 950ºC calcination of CaCO3 due to gasification of unburned carbon in fly-ash) which is prepared at Coal Power Plant by compact System requiring negligibly small footprint to install (power plant dependent - as small as 100 sq.m per one EGU possible) and low power for the full-process operation (power need is typically below the levels of conventional on-site preparation of Ca-reagents for FGD).

This very compact System consists of four typical light-weight Units


• LIME at FGD / DSI is cheaper than LIMESTONE (lowest OpEx),

• Higher control efficiency in DryFGD / DSI (due to 1μ-LIME reagent),

• Multipollutant (SOx, HCl, HF, Hg etc.) control (due to D'Al-Si-Ca properties)

• the range of other valuable benefits.

Main Features of DALSICA

Source of Thermal Energy for Calcination of Limestone at about 950ºC
is Unburned residual carbon sufficiently available in any Fly-Ash.
Result: Zero Fuel Usage and Zero Fuel Cost.

Power-Saving Light-weight Equipment, Ready-to-Use supply. Zero thermal inertia fire-proof lining of the Kiln. Kiln launch and stoppage: at any time, unlimited times, less than one hour.

DALSICA Lime is self-dispersing to nano (<1µ) particles at its slaking. Lime mill NOT required. We prohibit of Mill use as it damages Lime Activity.

DALSICA nano-Lime properties make a FGD unit cheaper (Capital Expences) than FGD unit designed to use any commercially available Lime.

The family of DALSICA products:

• Standard LIME (ASTM, DIN, GOST, ... etc).

• Extra-Standard LIME - less 1 micron (< 1µ), high specific surface.

• Lime-Based Multi-Pollutant SORBENTs (SOx, Hg, HCl, HF, ... etc).

• Lime-Based Binders for Buildings and Roads.

About 50 percent of installed World
Coal-Fired capacity is still UnScrubbed

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Data presented at "Power-Gen International - 2013" by Babcock & Wilcox

Cost Comparison for Different FGD Technologies


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