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15 June 2017


Inventor, developer, proprietor and licensor of DALSICATM technologies and multi-disciplinary expert and consultant.

Univ.graduated "physics". Univ. postgraduate doctorate on thermal physics and composite materials. Graduated at Moscow Intellectual Property Institute. Postdoc interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary univ. doctorate (special subject-matter).

Member of the Academy of Construction of Ukraine, division ''Building Materials and Articles''. Since 2003 - Correspondent Member, since 2013 - Full Member.

1980-1989 - Chief of Department (R&D Management, Technologies' Forecasting, Patents, Licensing, Science Information etc - multi-/inter-disciplinary) - at State Enterprises Union "P.O.Box # 1" and at the higher-echelon Ministry. Expert on interindustry problems - industries' conversion, thermal processes efficiency, environmental, fly ash utilization in construction etc. Since 1989 - initiator and chief executive of the state interindustry program.

In 1991 he founded, under the international source of law, the non-corporate organization from professionals on different disciplines concerning the major aspects of his technologies for various fields.

1989-2002 - Chairman and dominant partner at private research, development and manufacturing corporate enterprise established by Dolgopolov for commercialization of DALSICA technologies (lime-based materials and energy-saving technologies on fly-ash and limestone waste utilization and other activities).

Since 2003 - Director at "AcademResourceEnergoProject INSTITUTE - problem-solving institution for resource- and energy-saving technologies" for building materials production, power generation, environment protection (industrial emissions). The Institute's problems-solving approach: from problem research to design, EPC and maintenance.

Dolgopolov exhibited his own technologies at international exhibitions: Geneva (Winner of Gold Medal); London-CEETEX; Munchen-Ceramitec; Munchen-BAUMA.

Proprietary patents in USA, China, Europatent (advanced firing methods, light-weight kilns, advanced binders, composite Ca-based sorbents of SO2-CO2-NOx-multipollutant, advanced desulfurization methods etc.) The range of national and international publications for the range of industries.

While managing the Institute and projects, Dolgopolov also acts as independent expert and consultant on both intra-national and inter-national basis, on broad range of fields based on his many-years experience


INSTITUTE  AcademResourceEnergoProject

is legal entity - one of the intrastructure institutions established in 1990s by the ACADEMY of Construction of Ukraine.

The members of the Academy are more than 1700 most authoritative professionals, both national and foreign, and more than 100 legal entities - scientific, research, design, project, engineering, EPC, educational and other institutions as well as manufacturing enterprises.

The Academy consists of 34 branch divisions and 19 territorial divisions.

The first President of the Academy Prof. Gennady Zlobin worked for decades as Vice-Minister for Coal Mines Construction and Chairman of State Committee for Construction of Ukraine.

In June 2013 the Academy celebrated 20-year anniversary of its revival as nation-wide organization.

After his more than 20 years Presidency of the Academy, prof. Gennady Zlobin was in 2015 reelected
as Honorary President.

Prof. Ivan Nazarenko was in 2015 elected
as working President.


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